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Numerische Berechnung optimaler Steuerungen für Industrieroboter

Diploma Thesis
Marc C. Steinbach

Remarks on the new version

The thesis was originally typeset in an old AmSTeX version, with graphics in a nonstandard file format. Both are no longer supported, so I made a new version. Differences to the original thesis are described here.

Formal changes

The new version is typeset in LaTeX2e with macro packages amsmath, babel, german, and graphicx, producing slight modifications to page layout, fonts, and line/page breaking. German hyphenation and quotation marks are also improved.

The structure plots on pages 52-54 and the trajectory plots on pages 46 and 62-105 have been reproduced using gnuplot, the figures on pages 10, 13, 17, 24, and 25 are made with IRIS Showcase. The two figures on page 44 are typeset using the LaTeX picture environment.

The general appearance of the original thesis has been retained for the most part.

Error corrections

Corrections are listed on p. 110 of the new version.

Electronic access

Here is the PostScript file of the new version [ps].

Questions to: Marc C. Steinbach