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Schnelle Roboter am Fließband: Mathematische Bahnoptimierung in der Praxis

H. G. Bock, J. P. Schlöder, M. C. Steinbach, H. Wörn, V. H. Schulz, R. W. Longman

Abstract: The present paper reports on a joint project of the IWR, the robot manufacturing company KUKA GmbH, Augsburg, and the CAD system developer Tecnomatix GmbH, Dietzenbach. The work aims at developing mathematical tools for off-line programming and trajectory optimization based on dynamic robot models in order to improve both the accuracy of off-line programming and the resulting cycle times of production lines. We address the issues of dynamic robot modeling, calibration and, in more detail, trajectory optimization. Optimization results for an industrial robot KUKA IR 761 performing a real-life transport maneuver show that substantial reductions of the cycle time can be achieved.


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