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Sommersemester 2018

15.05.2018Prof. Dr. Daniel Grieser
(Universität Oldenburg)
Geodesics on singular spaces
29.05.2018Prof. Dr. Ingo Frank Witt
(Universität Göttingen)
The multidimensional shock front problem
05.06.2018PD Dr. Johannes Brasche
(TU Clausthal)
Gekoppelte Quantensysteme
26.06.2018Jack Skipper (LUH)Energy conservation for the compressible Euler equations with vacuum

Wintersemester 2017/18

24.10.2017 Dr. Karsten Fritzsch
Modellprobleme für magnetische Monopole über Mannigfaltigkeiten mit Ecken

Prof. Dr. Maurice de Gosson
(Universität Wien)
Prof. Dr. Agnieszka Swierczewska- Gwiazda
(Universität Warschau)

Relative Phase Shifts for Metaplectic Isotopies Acting on Gaussians


On weak solutions to general hyperbolic systems and energy/entropy conservation


Dr. Lashi Bandara
(Universität Potsdam)

Spectral flow and the Riesz continuity of the Atiyah-Singer Dirac operator under bounded perturbations of the metric or local boundary conditions

Prof. Dr. Christian Seis
(Universität Münster)

The vortex filament conjecture for Euler flows
09.01.2018Jun.Prof. Dr. Tobias Weich (Universität Paderborn)Ruelle resonances on hyperbolic surfaces

Prof. Dr. Guido Sweers
(Universität Köln)

Elliptic boundary value problems on domains with corners
30.01.2018Prof. Dr. Jürgen Saal
(Universität Düsseldorf)
Some interesting behavior of the Stokes operator in

L1 and Lspaces

Sommersemester 2017

18.04.2017Dr. Christian Seifert
(Technische Universität Hamburg)
Spektraltheorie für Quasikristallmodelle
25.04.2017Dr. Yafet Sanchez Sanchez
(z. Zt. Riemann Center LUH)
What is a gravitational singularity?
02.05.2017Dr. Calin Martin
(Universität Wien)
Hamiltonian formulation for wave-current interactions in stratified rotational flows
09.05.2017Dr. Angkana Rüland
(University of Oxford)
Prof. Simon Scott
(King's College)

Microstructures in Shape-Memory Alloys - Rigidity and Flexibility

Vertical genera and fibred bordism homology

16.05.2017Jun.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Kröncke (Universität Hamburg)Stable and unstable Einstein warped products
30.05.2017Dr. Erlend Grong
(Université Paris Sud)
Model spaces in sub-Riemannian geometry

Wintersemester 2016/17

25.10.2016Prof. Ulrik Skre Fjordholm
(NTNU Trondheim)
Statistical solutions of hyperbolic conservation laws
01.11.2016Christopher Bourne
(Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Disordered magnetic Schrödinger operators, twisted crossed products and index theory
22.11.2016Dr. Shantanu Dave
(Wolfgang-Pauli-Institut Wien, derzeit LUH)
Finding hypoelliptic operators
10.01.2017Prof. Dr. Matthias Lesch (Universität Bonn)Sums of linear operators in Hilbert C*-modules
17.01.2017Prof. Dr. Mats Ehrnström
(NTNU Trondheim)
On waves of greatest height in fully dispersive nonlocal wave equations
24.01.2017Dr. Manuel Friedrich (Universität Wien)Carbon geometries as optimal configurations

Sommersemester 2016

12.04.2016Prof. Dr. Jörg Seiler
(Università degli Studi di Torino)
Elliptic complexes with generalized Atiyah-Patodi-Singer boundary conditions
19.04.2016Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Arendt
(Universität Ulm)
Der Dirichlet-zu-Neumann Operator
26.04.2016Dr. Matthias Köhne
(Universität Düsseldorf)
Optical Estimates for Pointwise Multiplication and Analytic Nemytskij Operators in Anisotropic Function Spaces
10.05.2016Dr. Joachim Rehberg
(WIAS Berlin)
On non-smooth parabolic equations
17.05.2016Prof. Dr. Tomio Umeda
(University of Hyogo, Japan)
Schrödinger operators with n positive eigenvalues: an explicit construction of complexvalued potentials of von Neumann-Wigner type
24.05.2016Dr. Chen Xi
(Fudan University, Shanghai)
Stein-Tomas restriction theorem via spectral measure on metric measure spaces
31.05.2016Nikolai Vasilevski
(CINVESTAV, Mexico City)
Algebras of Toeplitz operators on the unit ball
07.06.2016Dr. Luca Rizzi
(Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau)
Quantum confinement via singular measures
14.06.2016Prof. Dr. Brett Wick
(Washington University, St. Louis)
Commutators and BMO
21.06.2016Anna Geyer
(Universität Wien)
On periodic traveling waves of the Camassa-Holm equation
28.06.2016Magnus Goffeng
(Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg)
Besov spaces and finite summability

Wintersemester 2015/16

20.10.2015Dr. Peter Hochs
(University of Adelaide)
Equivariant indices of Dirac operators on noncompact manifolds
10.11.2015Dr. Jens Kaad (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)The product of a spectral triple and a finitely generated module

Elisa Paoli
(SISSA Trieste)

Small time asymptotics on the diagonal for Hörmander's type hypoelliptic operators

Dr. Shantanu Dave
(Wolfgang Pauli Institut, Universität Wien)

Why is the index of an operator useful?
01.12.2015Dr. Anne-Katrin Gallagher (Universität Greifswald/Oklahoma State University)A smoothing property of the Bergman projection
12.01.2016Dr. Michal Wrochna
The Klein-Gordon operator with Atiyah-Patodi-Singer-type boundary conditions on asymptotically Minkowski spacetimes
19.01.2016Prof. Dr. Insa Neuweiler (LUH)Modellierung von Strömung und Transport in porösen Medien
02.02.2016Prof. Dr. Mats Ehrnström
(NTNU Trondheim)
On Whitham's conjecture of a highest cusped wave for a nonlocal dispersive equation

Sommersemester 2015

21.04.2015 Tomasz Cieslak
(IMPAN Warschau)
Dissipative solutions of the Hunter-Saxton equation dissipate the energy at the maximal rate
28.04.2015 Prof. Jens Rademacher
(Universität Bremen)
Nonlinear waves in idealized spintronic device models with aligned fields
05.05.2015 Prof. Nikolai Vasilevski
Commutative algebras of Toeplitz operators on the unit ball
09.06.2015 Dr. Patrik Wahlberg
(Linnaeus University Sweden)
Propagation of Gabor singularities for Schrödinger equations with quadratic Hamiltonians

Dr. Georg Prokert
(TU Eindhoven)

Modelling Osmosis: a variational approach, well-posedness and stability
30.06.2015 Prof. Dr. Irinia Markina
Prof. Dr. Alexander Vasiliev
(Universität Bergen)

Sub-Riemannian geometry on infinite dimensional manifolds

Euler-Arnold equations in sub-Riemannian geometry on the Teichmüller space curve


Prof. Dr. Julie M. Rowlett
(Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg)

The spectral geometry of trapezoids

Dr. Branimir Cacic

Texas A&M University

Principle bundles in unbounded KK-theory

Wintersemester 2014/15

21.10.2014Prof. Dr. Victor Nistor
(Penn State University)
Analysis on Lie Manifolds
28.10.2014Dr. Bogdan-Vasile Matioc
(Leibniz Universität Hannover)
Reconstructing water waves from the velocity field
05.11.2014PD Dr. Jens Wirth
(Universität Stuttgart)
Operatoren und Symmetrien

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Pietsch
(Universität Jena)

Spuren von Operatoren im Hilbertraum und das Wodzicki Residuum
02.12.2014Prof. Dr. Marko Lindner
(TU Hamburg-Harburg)
Wesentliche Pseudospektren und Grenzoperatoren
09.12.2014Prof. Dr. Raphael Ponge
(Seoul National University)
Noncommutative Geometry and Conformal Geometry
16.12.2014Dr. Friedrich Lippoth
(Leibniz Universität Hannover)
Modeling and analysis of a Stokes-osmosis problem
06.01.2015Dr. Christian Stinner
(TU Kaiserslautern)
Finite Time versus Infinite Time Blowup for a Fully Parabolic Keller-Segel System
13.01.2015Prof. Dr. Boris Vertman
(Universität Münster)
Cheeger-Müller theorem on manifolds with cusps
20.01.2015Dr. Johannes Brasche
(TU Clausthal)
Spur-Norm-Abschätzungen in Punktwechselwirkungsmodellen
27.01.2015Prof. Dr. Jürgen Saal
(Universität Düsseldorf)
Fluid flow in non-smooth domains

Sommersemester 2014

15.04.2014 Prof. Dr. Klaus Fredenhagen (Hamburg) Remarks on the mathematics of quantum fields
06.05.2014 Prof. Dr. Helmut Abels
(Universität Regensburg)
Cahn-Hilliard Equation with Nonlocal Singular Free Energies
08.05.2014 Prof. Brett Wick
(Georgia Tech)
Composition of Haar Paraproducts
13.05.2014 Dr. Shantanu Dave
(Universität Wien/ derzeit LUH)
What drum does the Heisenberg calculus beat?
03.06.2014 Prof. Dr. Sandro Coriasco
(Università degli Studi di Torino)
Global wave-front sets of Modulation Space type and Hyperbolic Cauchy Problems on Rn
24.06.2014 Dr. Paulo Carrillo Rouse
(Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse/Université Paul Sabatier)
A cohomological formula for the Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index
01.07.2014 Dr. Chiara Pagani
(Universität Göttingen)
Noncommutative principal bundles via twist deformation
16.07.2014 Prof. Dr. Thomas Krainer
(Penn State Altoona)
Boundary Value Problems for Elliptic Wedge Operators of First Order

Wintersemester 2013/14

19.11.2013 Dr. Bram Mesland
Nonunital spectral triples, KK-theory and metric completeness
03.12.2013 Prof. Dr. Andreas Thom
Entropy and Determinants
10.12.2013 Dr. Mauricio Godoy
General H-type Lie groups
14.01.2014 Prof. Dr. habil. Daniel Matthes
(TU München)
Entropy methods for degenerate parabolic equations of higher order
28.01.2014 Prof. Dr. Gieri Simonett
On a thermodynamically consistent Stefan problem with variable surface energy
28.01.2014 Dr. Laurent Guillaume
Pseudodifferential calculus on manifolds with fibred corners: the groupoid of phi-calculus
04.02.2014 Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Grunau (Magdeburg) Biharmonic Green functions: New examples for sign change and estimates from above and below

Sommersemester 2013

23.04.2013 Dr. Chiara Esposito
Momentum map in Poisson geometry and deformation quantization
07.05.2013 Dr. Nils Waterstraat
(Göttingen/Politecnico di Torino)
A family index theorem for periodic Hamiltonian systems and bifurcation
14.05.2013 Prof. Dr. Dorothee Haroske
Embeddings of Besov-Morrey function spaces
04.06.2013 Prof. Dr. Philippe Laurençot
A thin film Muskat problem. Existence and large time behaviour.
11.06.2013 Prof. Dr. Moritz Kaßmann
Integro-differential operators with nonlinear directional dependence
18.06.2013 Prof. Dr. Werner Varnhorn
On optimal initial value conditions for strong solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations
09.07.2013 PD Dr. Julie Rowlett
(Uni Göttingen)
The sound of quadrilaterals and symmetry

Wintersemester 2012/2013

06.11.2012 Dr. Julie Rowlett
Can one hear the shape of a triangle?
13.11.2012 Dr. Cyril Levy
Global pseudodifferential calculus on the noncommutative torus
08.01.2013 Prof. Dr. Siegfried Echterhoff (Münster) K-theory of semi-group algebras
22.01.2013 Kai Yan
On the Cauchy Problem for a Two-Component Degasperis-Procesi System
29.01.2013 Dr. Georgy Kitavtsev
(MPI MIS Leipzig)
Existence of weak solutions for single-layer and bilayer lubrication systems considered for different slip conditions

Sommersemester 2012

17.04.2012 Michael Gruber
Absolutely continuous spectrum for periodic magnetic fields
24.04.2012 Friedrich Lippoth
Maximal solutions of moving boundary problems
08.05.2012 Gerhard Starke
Gemischte Spannungs-Verschiebungs-Formulierungen für hyperelastische Materialien
15.05.2012 Robin Deeley
Real and R/Z-valued index theory
22.05.2012 Milena Petrini
Spectral behaviour and transport of energy density of an hyperbolic degenerate system
05.06.2012 Dr. Peter Hochs
Quantisation commutes with reduction
12.06.2012 Dr. Bram Mesland
(University of Manchester)
Noncommutative manifolds, connections and gauge theory
19.06.2012 Nataliya V. Vasylyeva
On the solvability of a transmission problem for the Laplace operator with dynamic boundary condition on a nonregular interface
17.07.2012 Manuel Nesensohn
(TU Darmstadt)
Lp-theory for a viscoelastic fluid model of differential type

Wintersemester 2011/12

Sommersemester 2011

12.04.2011 Magnus Goffeng
Index theory on the Fock space
19.04.2011 Hendrik Vogt
Langzeitverhalten von Wärmeleitungskernen und zulässige Potentiale
10.05.2011 Winfried Sickel
Über den Zusammenhang von Glattheit und Abfall im Unendlichen im Falle radialer Funktionen
17.05.2011 Patrick Guidotti
(US Irvine)
A new forward-backward regularization of the Perona-Malik equation
24.05.2011 Helmut Abels
31.05.2011 Henrik Kalisch
Dispersive PDE in Spaces of Analytic Functions: Theory and Applications
31.05.2011 Sandro Coriasco
Microlocal analysis on Rn and on manifolds with ends
21.06.2011 Martin Meyries
Parabolic Systems with Surface Diffusion
28.06.2011 Dirk Lorenz
Convergence to Consensus by Iterated General Averaging Maps
05.07.2011 Petra Wittbold
12.07.2011 Dmitry Pelinovsky
(McMaster, Canada)
Global Existence and Wave Breaking in the Short-Pulse and Ostrovsky-Hunter Equations
12.07.2011 Karen Yagdjian
(Texas-Pan American)
The Parametric Resonance in Wave Maps

Wintersemester 2010/11

19.10.2010 Volker Bach
(TU Braunschweig)
Mathematical Theory of (Nonrelativistic) Matter and Light
02.11.2010 Marcel Oliver
(Jacobs University Bremen)
Verallgemeinerte Modelle für fast geostrophe Strömungen: Asymptotik und Analysis
09.11.2010 Helge Glöckner
(Universität Paderborn)
Aufsteigende Vereinigungen unendlich-dimensionaler Liegruppen
30.11.2010 Patrick Guidotti
(US Irvine)
The use on nonlinear diffusion in image processing
06.12.2010 Bernhelm Booß-Bavnbek
"Perturbation of spectral projections"
14.12.2010 Michael Winkler
(Universität Duisburg-Essen)
Wie stark ist chemotaktische Kreuz-Diffusion?
14.12.2010 Joe Perez
(z.Zt. Wien)
Linear, Invariant PDE on G-manifolds
18.01.2011 Daniel Depner
(Universität Regensburg)
Linearized Stability Analysis for Surface Diffusion with Triple Lines and Boundary Contact
25.01.2011 Bernd Amman
(Universität Regensburg)
The Yamabe invariant under surgery